GPM Property Management is very aware that our best advertising is our clients and that client references are important in making a decision on a property management firm. In the past we have provided prospective clients with e-mail addresses and phone numbers of clients for references. Because we take on so much new business, our clients were becoming inundated with reference requests. Below are testimonials letters from a number of clients for your review.

There is a level of trust between ourselves and our clients and we take pride in the fact that we have been in business for over 50 years and make every effort to satisfy our clients. GPM Property Management is a member of NARPM and is a licensed real estate broker.

"Thanks Chris. I'm very happy with your company. You guys have made everything very smooth for us here in California. Looking to add another property next month."
- Tarik R. Smith, MBA

"Just wanted to take a minute to say thank you. The peace of mind your company offers is invaluable. Your online system is great, I had a question about where some of the rent went, checked the owner statements online, found the answer. Looking forward to doing more business with you in the near future."
- Dan Gheesling

". . . I don't often say it but I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!"
- Jim Dunn

". . . your company has done a wonderful job and I will use them on anything else I own in the future as well."
- Jon Hagan

"Hey Chris, I just wanted to touch base with you regarding all our properties we have with you guys between all the Trisons LLCs. We are very happy with how you guys are handling these properties and indeed, some have rented very quickly. We now have five properties that are tenanted, two properties that are waiting to be tenanted and three that are getting rehabbed and once these are completed, we will then be on the hunt again."
- Chris Snape

"Thank you for your continuous support and understanding. I doubt if any other management company has so direct cooperation with their clients."
- Symeon Tzanis

"I feel obliged to extend a sincere thank you to you and Garners as a whole for helping and Jane and I rescue our investment in 19950 Oakfield Street and bring it to the point where it is making the sort of financial return we had hoped for but which at one stage looked a far off possibility. Thank you very much for your help.

I wanted to provide a quick feedback regarding your team. I had a short conference call this afternoon with Jessica regarding my monthly statements. I must say, I was pretty confused until I had the conversation with her. She was kind enough to add a new statement to my portal which gave me a complete overview of everything going on and provide me the details behind. I am now 100% clear moving forward."
- Paul Trebess

"I just wanted to send a note of appreciation. It looks like you've already rented out my property again. This is a world of a difference from my previous property management. Also, your management, and the communication level from your team (especially from Jessica) has been excellent all around."
- Ali Abbas

"GPM Property Management has consistently out performed our expectations in regards to the management of our portfolio. These challenges of managing a portfolio of our size, 27 properties, can be very complex and our last PM was not up to the task and made it very hard for us. Your company was able to step in, clean up the mess and get us back on the right track. Thanks for all your hard work."
- Mike Roy

"I cannot believe it has been 10 years. All the partners at GIG Investment Group are very pleased with the service of GPM Property Management over the past decade. The apartments have been performing very well in this economy and we are looking forward to a profitable future."
- Barbara Belcher

"Working with GPM Property Management has been nothing short of a pleasure and incredibly convenient. My property went from un-rentable to rented within a couple of weeks. I rented my property myself for a year and a half and found it incredibly inconvenient and time consuming. The 10% property management fee that GPM Property Management charges is WELL worth it. I would never rent my property again any other way."
- Chris Genereaux

"Talk about a "full service" management company! You guys have been the greatest and an absolute life saver. Every time I called and asked for some additional information or extra services, you guys came through. We are really looking forward to an exciting partnership and future."
- Ben Hecht

"I wanted to send you a note to express our appreciation of your services over the past 6 months. GPM Property Management and Management is a "breath of fresh air." After the first day of service, I knew we had made the right choice. They are responsive, dependable and extremely professional. They are able to take care of all of my property needs from daily work orders to a highly advanced data management system that I can access when needed.

I know when each rent is collected and when service needs to be provided to any of our units. They advertise and show our available units in a timely fashion. Garner is at the top of their game and I would recommend them to anyone who needs management services completed in a "highly" professional manner. As you are aware, we have been through a number of property managers in the past and it is refreshing to be working with a company that is very professional and responsive to our needs. We are looking forward to continued success with our partnership."
- Richard Vito

"I just wanted to send you a quick note of thanks. GPM Property Management has really saved my investment properties and made them profitable again. I tried to work with another company and was dissatisfied with the communication and service. You guys kept me informed through all the steps of renting the homes and the on-line portal is just great."
- Cindy Quasarano

"Thanks so much Valerie, you have been the only person who has truly given a crap about me and my so called investment. You are a true gem and I have already recommended you to investors at the meetings I attend."
- Melanie Hands

"After all the hassle I have had with my property, I feel so assured that you are so professional and on the ball with all matters related to Wormer. I feel assured in your competence. Go ahead with your proposal. It seems the most logical thing to do. I am in the process of raising funds to try to secure another property in Detroit and I also have a few friends interested in going the same way. I am very optimistic that I can forward you some further business based on what you have proved to be so good so far."
- Ted Edwards

"Thank you so much Andrea. Have I told you lately that you are the best?. Yes you are!!!"
- Ernest Ankamah

"Dear all at Garner, Thank you so very much for your efforts and attention to helping us rent and manage our property. We appreciate the high level of customer service you have provided thus far and look forward to working with you in the future!"
- Frank and Amber Kuron

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